The use of glass in the design of the residential area is an important part of modern architecture from the facades of buildings to the shop windows by the appendices glass indoors until the auxiliary spaces.With its stunning technical properties and flawless aesthetics, the glass accessories “ GOLEMAS”meet all the requirements of architects and builders. Our experience in all areas  guarantee first-class functionality and full satisfaction to the implementation of the internal glass construction and outdoor places. "GOLEMAS" offers a wide range of accessories to meet the needs to implement glass. The design, aesthetics, construction quality, creativity, functionality and safety, stress, and confirms the importance of research and development of our products. The design of functional components used in such a delicate material such as glass, must be in harmony with self and to emphasize the transparency. The glass accessories of "GOLEMAS" are robust and applicable, combine perfectly with the architecture of glass and ensure maximum transparency.

The "GOLEMAS 'knowledge of the market, understands its needs. The combination of the unique range of products with full service will meet your expectations.

The areas involved the "GOLEMAS" are: glass accessories, hinges, mechanisms, locks, sealing profile, visibility and promotion systems, handles, knobs, shelters, automatic doors, flexible glass doors, sliding doors, railings and  stairs by glass ,stainless steel , aluminum, mirrors monitoring, Special metal structures.

All are used simultaneously in a way that ensures manufacturers unlimited functionality and freedom in the design and implementation.

Design Your Future with 'GOLEMAS”