Our company was founded in 1965 by NIKOS GOLEMA fundamental preoccupation with the marketing and placement of glass applications for better serve the needs of the time.



NIKOS GOLEMAS born in 1929 in Thessaloniki GREECE, had little both love the "glass" and "Football." At age 20 years (1949) had his first contact with the "glass" in the brothers' CHOUCHOULIDAKI "and the same time playing football in the team “PAOK”


In 1965 he opens his own GLASS SHOP at the VARDAR place. The next 15 years in 1980, managed to establish his own FACTORY in KALOHORI Thessalonikis.


The long experience of the glass, led us in 2000 to deal solely and refine the production and marketing of accessories for glass, to meet the constantly growing needs of manufacturers, always according to the modern aesthetic standards and safety. In addition, we work with the largest Greek companies and relevant European and Asian ensuring and certifying the quality of construction.



The company's goal GOLEMAS are:



-To offer solutions and respond to all occur throughout the course of cooperation.

-Have personal contact with the manufacturer

-To support every need with respect and responsibility

-Continuous research and product improvement

-And all this in harmony with the most reasonable price.



Design  your Future with 'GOLEMAS "